Episode 32

Published on:

15th Oct 2020

3 Unique and Non-Traditional Ways to Incorporate Chocolate into Your Wedding Day - with Sam Mauro of Noteworthy Chocolates

Hello and welcome back to the show! This is show number 32 and today we're talking about one of my favorite foods...CHOCOLATE! Who doesn't love chocolate? But we're not talking dessert or favors here. We're talking about 3 unique and non-traditional ways to incorporate chocolate into you wedding day and my guest today knows all about chocolate. Not only is she a recent (like last month recent) bride, but she also spend some time on a Cacao farm in Hawaii planting and harvesting cacao and learning how to transform it into the chocolate we love today. She is Sam Mauro, the Creative Director and Chocolate Designer at Noteworthy Chocolates in Bethel, CT

Today, Sam is sharing 3 ways you can wow your guests with chocolate, from signature drinks, to table numbers even Save-the-Dates!! Yes, a chocolate STD!!

To learn more about Noteworthy Chocolates, click on any of the links below:




We'd love to know how you're incorporating your favorite food into your wedding.

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